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As wealth management specialists, Apogee is often asked to provide support services for other professional firms. For example for a family solicitor whose client is going through a divorce and needs to restructure their finances; a professional trustee who needs advice on investing trust assets; or an accountant whose client may be seeking to extract profits more tax efficiently or invest the proceeds from selling their business.

You can rest assured that we will treat your clients with the same attentiveness as our own, providing bespoke, meticulously researched financial plans that suit their individual circumstances. Our expertise can be relied on.


Because we believe that advice is best provided by qualified professionals who are expert in their chosen field, we often work alongside other advisers. Sometimes we introduce other advisers to our clients; and sometimes other professionals introduce us to their clients. However the introductions are made, we value and respect your role and the relationship you have with the client as highly as we do our own.

Working together successfully can lead to the best possible outcomes for clients, which is something we strive for every day. So if you think that Apogee Wealth Management could help your clients, please get in touch.


Whether from the sale of a business or from a substantial inheritance, the arrival of new found wealth often carries its own unique challenges. Not only are people’s horizons and expectations broadened, so are their tax liabilities and planning opportunities.

This change in circumstances can be both exciting and daunting at the same time but, at Apogee Wealth Management, we’re used to facing these challenges and we can work closely with selected partners to arrive at the most tax efficient and appropriate solutions.

Whether you’re looking to incur the least amount of tax, maximise income and growth, or simply pass on more of your wealth to future generations, we can help.


Being chosen as a trustee is a position of great responsibility. You are required to carry out the wishes of the settlor, whilst trying to achieve the best outcome for the beneficiaries. Taking advice is essential, especially in an area where you feel you do not have your own expertise. Apogee Wealth Management is well placed to assist you in managing trust assets and can give you the peace of mind that you are both adhering to your trustee responsibilities and achieving the best possible results for the beneficiaries.

For new and existing trusts, Apogee’s Trustee Investment Service ensures you comply fully with the Trustee Act and meet the on-going needs of the trustees and beneficiaries. For existing trusts, set up without professional advice or by another adviser you are no longer in contact with, our Trust Review Service provides ensures compliance with the Trustee Act and highlights any areas for improvement.


Financial Planning & DivorceAs well as being an emotional time, dividing your assets after a separation can be complex and difficult. Working closely with your solicitor, Apogee approach things both sensitively and fairly, helping you achieve the best financial outcome with the least difficulty.

We’ll put you in control of the decision making, so you can make the most of your agreed assets and rebuild your future with confidence.

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