Financial plan

No two people think the same, act the same or want the same things from life. So perhaps the most crucial part of our service is the ability to listen, understand where you’re coming from and where you want to be.

With a clear picture of your current financial situation and your future hopes, we can structure a financial plan that meets your individual needs. We take your timescales, experiences and preferences into consideration to give you control over your finances and peace of mind.

Your personalised financial plan will include some or all of our key services.


Protection against death, ill health and critical illness

We can make sure you and your family have the necessary plans in place to secure your future.

Tax planning

We’ll make sure your finances are structured in the most tax-efficient way to maximise what you have during your lifetime and what you can pass on to future generations.

Investment planning

We have a robust process in place for selecting the right tax structure, confirming an appropriate asset allocation, identifying the best funds and reviewing performance and returns to maximise your wealth.

Retirement planning

Our experienced and qualified team can guide you through this increasingly complex area.

Lifetime financial planning

Through a disciplined and proactive approach, we can help you to achieve your long term financial goals by working with you to create a financial plan, which will evolve as your circumstances change and become the blueprint for your personal financial journey.


When we first met Robert and Jane, their three children were all under eight and a hectic family life and Robert’s busy career left them little time to focus on their personal finances.

The couple had accumulated considerable savings, but were unsure how to maximise their returns or make the most of any tax planning opportunities available to them.

Jane’s father recently gifted her £300K and as they had decided to educate their children privately from age 11 onwards, they decided it was time to take control of their finances.



– We helped Robert and Jane:

– Pull together and understand 20 years of financial history wrapped up in a variety of financial products. We quickly identified their existing plans did not match their needs.

– Articulate and formalise their financial goals and objectives.

– Understand their income and expenditure levels and what capacity they had to save, invest, or put towards other financial plans they might need.

– Identify their priority was to make sure the family was suitably protected against death, critical illness and ill health. We sourced and recommended suitable plans for them both and where appropriate, trusts were set up to make sure any benefits paid out would be done so quickly and without complication.

– Establish a Will with appropriate financial and guardianship provisions for the children.

– Create a vision of their financial future by modelling their financial lives up to and beyond Robert’s desired retirement age. This proved invaluable when creating an appropriate savings and investment strategy to pay for education costs.

– Reduce how much tax they pay. Both Robert & Jane were higher rate tax payers and we agreed they had not saved anything like enough towards their retirement. Referring to the financial models we had created with them, we calculated the maximum amounts they could pay into their pensions, what tax relief this would entitle them to and prepared retirement forecasts based on a funding schedule.

Recent changes in income tax rules meant that Robert was able to secure 66% tax relief on contributions to his pension by entering into an agreement with his employer.

– Simplify and improve their retirement planning. They both had multiple pension arrangements from previous employments they found difficult to manage and didn’t understand how they were invested or what they would provide in retirement . We restructured these plans into a single arrangement each, which allowed us to adopt an appropriate investment strategy that matched their preferences and gave them more control over their retirement planning.

– Maximise returns on their capital. With the money received from Jane’s father, they now had excess reserves and they wanted to generate better returns than they would achieve on deposit.

– Set in place investment plans to address their short, medium and long term financial goals. First we fully utilised their annual ISA allowances which allows the funds to grow free of tax. The balance of their available cash was invested across a combination of tax wrappers that meant they paid the least amount of tax on any income or gains made. In all instances, the underlying investment approach mapped across to their objectives and investment preferences.

– Simplify and take control of their financial affairs, with the added peace of mind that we would continue to help and support them in maximising their opportunities in a disciplined and proactive way.

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