Successful business owners

It’s often the case that successful business owners, juggling work commitments with family life, simply don’t have time to focus on their own personal finances. Financial decisions are rushed as the end of the tax year approaches and previously made plans drift without direction or purpose. Opportunities to invest or to pay less tax are missed. Returns are not maximised and charges incurred are too high.

Your situation is familiar to us and our disciplined and proactive approach is designed to ensure you achieve your long term financial goals, irrespective of your other day to day distractions. Ultimately, we aim to give you control over your personal finances and peace of mind.


Protection planning

Solutions to protect your wealth during the key growth stages of your business cycle, including Shareholder Protection, Keyman Cover and Income Protection.

Retirement planning

Pensions continue to be one of the most tax efficient ways of extracting company profits:
Pension Annual Allowance calculations – Assessing maximum tax relievable contributions allowing for tapering reductions for high earners and carry forward opportunities.

Commercial property purchase – Some schemes allow borrowing of up to 50% of the scheme’s assets to fund the purchase of commercial premises, including your own. The rent is paid to your pension scheme and is received tax free. If you sell the property in the future, there will be no CGT to pay. Helps you keep control and retain more of your firm’s value.

Company loan-backs – It is possible your pension scheme could lend your business up to 50% of the scheme’s value subject to certain conditions being met. Arranged at a commercial rate, this can be an attractive source of income for your pension, or an alternative source of funding when other routes are not available.

Lifetime Allowance issues – Dealing with protection issues and forecasting outcomes to determine funding rates.

SIPPs, SSASs, Family Pension Trusts, Auto Enrolment schemes

General tax planning

For some, due to preference or because they have no more capacity, pension contributions are not appropriate. In such circumstances we can consider other ways to extract profits tax efficiently, such as using Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs).

Corporate investment

Advice on maximising growth on corporate money and helping maintain Business Property Relief (BPR) on excess cash reserves.

Business sale

Investment planning for capital released as a result of a business sale or closure with advice on structuring wealth tax efficiently.

Inheritance tax planning

Selling a business can often give rise to a significant inheritance tax liability being created. We can employ a number of solutions that will either mitigate any potential Inheritance Tax liability due, or begin to reduce the future liability overall.


We were appointed by the Directors of a medium sized business that recently completed a management buyout. Their main concerns were protecting their shares in the event of death, and protecting the key person in the business (the Sales Director) in the event of death or critical illness.

The Directors were also concerned about their future pension provision, as the buyout resulted in a closure of their former pension scheme and each Director had a variety of pensions from previous employments. In addition, they had the opportunity to buy their business premises and wanted to do so in the most tax efficient way.



After undertaking a comprehensive analysis of their current position and assessing their goals and objectives, we set about identifying the optimum solutions for them.

Following recommendations, the company implemented the following: – Each Director took out a life insurance policy equal to the value of their share in the business, written subject to a suitable trust. Further agreements were put in place to make sure that any death benefits would be available to the surviving Directors providing them with the means to purchase the deceased’s shares in the most tax efficient way and retain full control of the business.

– The Company took out a life and critical illness policy on the life of the Sales Director. The proceeds would be paid to the business to cover any future loss of profits and recruitment of a replacement.

– Two Directors transferred most of their accrued pensions into a SSAS in order to purchase the business premises through the pension scheme, using the 50% borrowing facility to provide the additional borrowing required. Rent is paid back into the pension scheme which contributes towards the Director’s retirement.

As the third Director was nearing retirement, we advised him to transfer his pensions into a SIPP because of the investment flexibility this gave him, and the wider retirement options available.

– We meet the Directors at least annually, along with their accountant to agree the most tax efficient and appropriate way of extracting profits from the business and plan for the next trading period.

– The Company traded successfully and after a few years, the Directors found they had excess profits they wanted to extract. They were already putting the maximum amount into their pensions so we suggested they each invest into a Venture Capital Trust (VCT) allowing them to claim 30% tax relief each on their contributions.

– The Company is delighted their objectives have been achieved in such a tax efficient manner and we continue to work with them in numerous investment, pension and tax planning areas.

– In recent years, we have helped the company fully comply with the auto enrolment legislation and we have helped them communicate these changes to their employees.

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