Employee Benefits

Employees who feel they’re being well cared for by their employer are more likely to be motivated, productive and loyal. Pensions continue to be one of the key employee benefits, and the advent of Auto Enrolment means that more employees than ever will be actively participating with you in saving for their futures.

Whether you already have a pension scheme that needs reviewing, you’d like to find a more time and cost-effective way of delivering the most beneficial scheme, or you need to set up a scheme and Auto Enrol your employees for the first time, Apogee can help.

We work with a wide array of clients, from the very small to the very large. We focus on understanding their employee’s needs, clarifying the regulatory requirements and helping manage the administrative burden. We’ll help you establish employee benefits that are relevant and valued by your employees, in the most cost-efficient way.


Advising on contractual & workplace pension schemes

Pension scheme restructures

Auto Enrolment services – Establishing new schemes; reviewing existing arrangements; general compliance audits

Retirement counselling / Redundancy counselling services

At Retirement services for members – annuities, flexible pensions

Group protection arrangements, such as death in service, PMI and group income protection


Ensuring your employees fully understand and appreciate what is happening and why, is key to any successful implementation. Whether you are launching a new scheme or restructuring your existing arrangements, effective communication will ensure your employees fully understand and value the generous benefits you offer. Apogee can help you deliver the right messages in the most effective way, maximising the value for both employees and employers alike.

As well as managing group promotions, we can advise individual scheme members on any specific matters they need expert guidance on.


Scheme Awareness:

Targeted communications:

– Scheme specific member booklets

– Email newsletters and updates

– A/Q/M

– Webinars

Targeted presentations:

– At Retirement seminars, saving for retirement

On-site pension surgeries:

– Member specific queries

– Induction meetings with new joiners


– Member specific queries dealt with by email

– Advice issues handled by regulated consultants

Member Services

Pre-Retirement advice:

– Review of other plans, transfer advice

– Retirement targeting and shortfall funding exercises

At Retirement services:

– Flexible access drawdown, phased retirement

– Annuity purchase (inc. enhanced/impaired life annuities)

Services for Directors & senior employees:

– Lifetime allowance calculations

– Annual allowance and carry forward calculations

– Advice connected with different forms of protection

– Self invested plans and bespoke investment strategies


With our support, you can make sure your scheme is always offering the maximum value whilst minimising your costs and administrative burden.

Annual Scheme Review:

– Scheme basis, structure and overall scheme review

– Processes & systems

– Review of scheme investments and default fund

– Service issues and standards

– Scheme certification and scheme governance

– Compliance with Safeguards for workers requirements

– Auto enrolment scheme compliance

– Group protection renewals

Scheme Governance & Oversight:

– Professional oversight to ensure best practice

– Ensure good support and service from pension firms

– Proactive guidance on matters affecting the scheme & members

– Legislative updates & impact on current arrangements

Administration and Guidance:

– Processing new members and leavers

– Handling member administration queries

– Handling employer queries

– Monitoring premium payments

– Liaison with providers

– Problem solving and trouble shooting

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