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We have a wealth of experience of working with different types of business, from small owner managed concerns to large publicly quoted companies; which means we’re well versed in the issues that each different type of operation faces.

Whether you want to engage more with employees through the pension schemes and employee benefits you offer, or you’re looking to extract profits from your business in the most tax-efficient way, you’re in the right place.


Very often senior employees and business owners will have the need for and the opportunity to take advantage of the greater flexibility offered by specialist pension arrangements. Particular areas of interest include purchasing commercial premises, company loan-backs and company share purchases, although greater control and direct management can be equally motivating.

All of this can all be satisfied given the right conditions and Apogee Wealth Management Ltd has the knowledge and experience to help guide you towards the right solution for you


Our collective experience of working with companies means that we have a significant amount to offer companies in the area of company pension & protection arrangements. We believe it is imperative that the value attached to the additional non-salary benefits you provide for your employees is optimised and the contribution you make to helping them plan for their future is appreciated.

The biggest barrier to achieving this is a lack of access to appropriate advice and support for employees at all stages of their career. For many people pension planning is considered to be overly complex, which breeds apathy and leads to a lack of engagement amongst the workforce. If you are looking to engage with your employees around the subject of pensions and employee benefits, in a way that involves you in the least amount of time and effort, we can help.

BUSINESS PROTECTION – Share Purchase, Key Person & Loan Protection.

If a business owner, partner and or key employee becomes ill or dies, the impact on the business can be enormous, as revenue and profitability can be seriously dented. Usually the immediate concern will be to ensure that the business can operate until a replacement can be found, or until the colleague returns to work.

In particularly dire circumstances it might also be essential to ensure that the ownership of the business is secured and funds are available at the right time to facilitate this. Apogee Wealth Management can help protect you against such unfortunate circumstances and ensure your business can continue with the minimum disruption.

Since making the decision to appoint Apogee Wealth Management to manage our Group Pension Scheme we continue to be delighted with the service and attention we receive. A particular strength for us has been Apogee’s ability to simplify and demystify the complex world of Pensions for our employees which, along with their professional, friendly and knowledgeable approach, has significantly boosted engagement and membership of the scheme. As further testament to the service and expertise we receive from Simon and the team, we have recently engaged Apogee to manage some of our other employee benefits.”

Louise Potts

People and Culture Manager


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